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Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Feasts + Badass Friends

Hola!! Yesterday was my birthday - I'm 30 and officially old. It feels good, if slightly achy.

I took myself out to lunch at Beyond Sushi on Saturday. A spicy mang roll, plus a piece of the month (butternut squash, black rice + cilantro), and a mighty mushroom piece. Awesome as always.

I also got a black bean-sweet potato brownie to go. Very moist and dense. Very good.
After work, I ran home to shower and drop off some stuff. Then back out to meet two friends for dinner at Wild Ginger.

I got a Malaysian curry: potatoes, carrot, broccoli, soy protein with fried basil on top. After that, we headed over to a bar in Greenpoint and met up with another dear friend. It was a small group of really great people. Love you all.
My friend Alicia is the freaking best, funniest, real tawk friend.

                                                      She got me a card, zines, stickers and....

This rad cookie jar!! WITH vegan cookies inside!
Was with a friend Sunday morning, got a birthday bagel on the way back from his place.

Another pumpernickel everything with tofu cream cheese. I see them everywhere now that I know they exist. Maybe they'll make their way to Virginia.
This held me over for most of the day. I ate some birthday cookies and drank part of a green juice. Napped, read, and walked around. At 7 I got dinner with my folks at Bunna but didn't take any photos! We feasted. I'll go back soon for lunch in the natural light.
So many lovely people in my life. Thank you all. See yeh soon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Good Food Day

In Shen's words, Monday was "a good food day."

I was out and about early doing errands and pretty hungry, somehow not having eaten since the previous afternoon, so I stopped at Little Skips for an everything pumpernickel bagel with Tofutti and coffee. Hit the spotttt on a brisk morning.
Blah blah, library, bank, groceries, back home to make a stir fry for lunch:

rice, celery, mushroom, eggplant, carrot, spinach, scallion, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes in coconut oil.
Out for a walk, stopped at Rudy's Bakery in the hood for a vegan brownie.

There was an undocumented dinner of broccoli, tempeh, and avocado in lemon-tahini dressing that was meh but this gingerbread dessert smoothie sooooooooooo made up for it. Amazing!

Based the drink on this recipe, but mine was just banana, milk, spices (ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg), and molasses - no nuts or dates. I would love to drink this everyday until Christmas. And maybe past then.
ALL VERY ACCEPTABLE. Talk to yahs later.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hibernation food

Despite the blog post title, I've been going out a lot this week and by Friday was totally overwhelmed and exhausted from being around people. The title refers more to the fact that I feel like I've been eating less healthfully - more breads and sweets, heavier stuff. It's partly the cooling weather and general darkness, partly being busy, and partly sadness and frustration due to the Ferguson and Eric Garner decisions. If there are protests in yr areas, I urge you to attend. It may not change anything but we need to air our grief and not let it bring us down. My thoughts are with their families (and so many others affected by the same systemic issues.) Been thinking a lot about privilege and self-care in balance with compassion and supporting others and it's all too much sometimes.
So, here are some breakfasts lately:

                                         Fruit salad - black grapes, apple, orange, kiwi
I baked gingerbread scones (with cranberries) for work one day. These are from The Joy of Vegan Baking.

Scones go great with cawfee, dontcha know. Love Bob's Burgers.
                                    (A sign outside of Everyman Coffee the other morning)

                                         snacks - apples, walnut/dried cranberry trail mix

                                       Raw Brussels sprout salad with lentils mixed in

A horrible photo of a delicious Mediterranean salad from Bite. Greens, eggplant, hummus, Israeli salad, toasted almonds.

Abby, I found the Theo dark cups! If you are like me, you'll need to try these if only for the sake of completeness but I must say I prefer the Justin's cups. Theo's are also a dollar pricier. Judge for yrselves, if you must.

Met a friend for coupon-induced pre-holiday drinks and passed this store on the way to Lunasa. Don't know if you can read it but it made me smile: "Real Life Version of an Online Shop."

Here's my favorite baby and me, cuz I know you guys have been missing her. We are listening to the new Sleater-Kinney singles.
Take care of yrselves, guys, and do what you can for others. Peace.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

From the last week

Everything else that's been going into my mouth, plus some other things going on in my life:

                                         Juice I'm drinking (on the train), plus Crass patch

Okay so I was stuck in Jersey one night and got lost coming to work the next morning and ended up confused on Wall Street and had no food to eat at work, that was all a mess. But I did wander to the West Village when all was sorted out and get this lunch out of it all - curried chickpeas, raw kale salad, marinated carrots, and a slab of pesto tofu under it all. This is from LifeThyme's salad bar.

                                                             I also got a cookie.
The one good thing about being at my friend's place in Jersey was meeting this most beautiful dog!!! He was so chill and well-behaved, and I'm not usually a dog person at all.

Been eating lotsa farmer's market apples:
                                   (Lost the other one of these gloves in fuckin Jerz though)
Coffee and a Rising Sun smoothie another morning (well, kinda - it's been a while since I've made one so I'm not sure that's really what this flavor was but whatever)
                      Spinach, banana, ginger, spirulina, tahini, molasses, protein powder
I also made Isa's Sunflower mac again. This sauce is pretty amazing.
                                                 undressed, with kale and mushrooms
                                                   Sauced up, with paprika dusting.

                 A friend also gave me this poster! It's hanging in the kitchen above the stove

Still reading Bad Feminist, here with a seasonal Bell's Winter White beer. Anyone else read this? Thoughts? I'm conflicted, but I want to love it.
Just a funny sticker I saw on the street:

"Always be yourself but if you can be Darth Batman, always be Darth Batman." WORDS TO LIVE BY. That's all for now. Be well.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! This year's celebration was nice! A good group of people with not too much food, but all of it delicious.
I had coffee at my friend's place this morning, and it's good he makes it strong, because that was all I ate until snacks at my parents' house around 2:30. Well, I did take time to drink cranberry-apple juice with spiced gin.

                                                     nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice spice
Took some time at first to chill with tha cats. Here's Cicero staring at the squirrels and birds feasting on seeds in the yard.

Chopped and chopped for what felt like forever, drank some water, cleaned a little. Finally it was time for SNAX.
    marinated artichoke hearts, olives, pistachios, plantain chips, pita chips, and guacamole

We all drank a champagne cheers and kept the boozing coming.

Seneca guarding the table.

I made the Mushroom, Brussels, and Barley bowl from Salad Samurai (subbing farro for barley)
I think my mom was a little skeptical of raw Brussels at first (they are tossed in dressing, like a kale salad,) but everyone seemed to enjoy the dish a lot. I came back with leftovers, so I'm excited to enjoy them for a few more days. The mushrooms on top were nicely flavored and chewy.

          Leeks with vinaigrette is the only other dish I got a separate shot of. These were tasty.

 This is my plate - leeks, a fantastic wild rice/basmati rice/roasted chestnut dish, an amazing acorn squash/tofu dish my aunt made, roasted root veggies, and the Brussels sprout salad. There was also cranberry sauce and other sauteed mushrooms to round everything out. Everything was so good.

This is the dessert spread. Apple pie, vegan pumpkin pie (I bought it from Whole Foods,) blueberry pie, chocolate mousse, vegan white gingerbread, and fruit salad way down at the end.

This is the white gingerbread I baked. It's a Hannah Kaminsky recipe that was in a VegWeb collection. There is maple syrup instead of molasses and, actually, more cardamom than ginger. Very delicate and delicious.

 my dessert plate - fruit salad, smushed pumpkin pie (it was okay,) and a slice of gingerbread.

We brought out various liqueurs (the fam is big on digestifs), both homemade and not. This is coffee liqueur from Spain (from my sister,) which was pretty good. I also had a couple shot glasses-worth of a dear family friend's orange moonshine.

Dorothy Parker shot glass! She is my LADY. It's from a set of literary shot glasses my brother bought years ago. Hemingway is in there, and Faulkner, and.... maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald? IN ANY CASE, that settled Thanksgiving into our bellies and beds nicely.
Good night! Hope you all enjoyed your day.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Date with IKEA

Just kidding!!! I can't stand IKEA, but I can't hold off on Pavement references. Sunday I took myself on a lunch date! It was a gorgeous day and I spent a lot of it biking around. I biked out to my folks' house (to help clean for Thanksgiving - didn't get any cat photos, but I will on Thursday) and back. When I got home my roommate and her dude had been cooking and were in the living room, so I kinda wanted to stay out of their hair as well as eat some food without making too much noise in the kitchen. So back out on the bike it was.
I remembered having passed/heard good things about Co Co Lin on Fresh Pond Road in my neighborhood, and it was in the direction I was bike-wandering anyway.

It seemed they were doing fairly brisk take-out/pick up business, but there is also ample seating inside.

As soon as I sat down, the waitress brought me some warm green tea, which was awesome! It was a little after 4 at this point and cooling down. I was considering ordering some green tea anyway, but free is even better.
After briefing looking over the menu, I went with the spicy Ma Po Tofu, which came with a side of brown rice (unpictured.) Usually I like something with more vegetables, but after not eating all day, and all that cleaning and biking, I was huuuuungry. Spicy, warm, and high in protein won out. It was weird seeing meat items listed on the menu before I realized that everything in the restaurant really is vegetarian (and probably mostly vegan seeing as how so little dairy is used in Asian cooking.)

This was really good. A huge serving, too. Soft tofu, nice and saucy - plenty to cover the rice on the side as well. I got a refill of the green tea and really enjoyed just sitting and reading (Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay) and taking my time. I so rarely eat out alone - I rarely dine out in general - but this was a chill atmosphere. The dish was 8 dollars and could easily have been spread into two meals, so it's not all that expensive either. Definitely will be returning.

Co Co Lin
64-19 Fresh Pond Road
Ridgewood, NY 11385
11am - 10:30pm (most days)