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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Magic and Meals

Monday was a very productive day off.

                                           Woke up to some sneaky sun, did laundry early.

Recharged some emotionally overloaded crystals in salt water in the sun. Obsidian on the left heals grief, amethyst provides balance. Gripped both of these a lot in the last month and am finally feeling happier and more clear-headed. Wanted them to be energized for Halloween.

Breakfast was a smoothie, believe it or not. Spinach, almond milk, frozen banana, and marley coffee Raw Fit protein powder (on Raechel's recommendation - and please go check out her latest post. It's important.)
Then I went grocery shopping to make this week's lunch recipe...

                        Always Be Soaking!! (when you can afford to buy raw cashews, that is)
I made Isa's Cheddary Broccoli Soup from Isa Does It! (Are you surprised?) Looks like I am working my way through all the soups in that book.

Innnnncredible. Filling and tangy and warm and perfect. Do you like my little roasted broccoli topping?
Later I read and went into the city to meet with a co-worker to assemble a zine for work. Our store is in the middle of contract negotiations so we are trying to inspire solidarity, as well as get the word out to the employees what it is exactly that we're voting on. I think it came together pretty nicely:

Dinner was half of this Dandi Detox Rawpothecary drink, which I do NOT recommend. They add pineapple and coconut water in an attempt to cover the bitterness of dandelion greens and parsley. I expected the drink to be slightly bitter, but the flavors just didn't work together. There are also blended raspberries in the drink, which didn't quite blend. The drink needs to be strained or something because I actually choked on the texture. Rough going. There's got to be a better way to detox.

Til next time, eat those greens and try not to go wild on the Halloween candy. Or do, whatever. I'm heading out to watch baseball with a friend so who am I to tell people what to do?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Food, Fall Ride

Same food over and over, but the trees are always changing.
Coconut yogurt breakfasts with a variety of toppings:

                                  here, with dried white mulberries and canned pumpkin

                   and here with drizzled cashew butter, chopped dried figs, and wheat bran
Bought three sweet potatoes and chopped and roasted them up to have for lunches throughout the week. I ate this at least 4 times this week, and can't remember what the 5th day was:

                             spinach, tempeh, roasted sweet potato with hummus dressing.
Dinners have been the rest of Isa's Dilly Stew, getting less and less attractive as the days passed but tasty as ever:

All good, filling food for increasingly chilly bike rides. Most recently to my favorite forest.

Hope you all are well, and enjoying the fall.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Isa's Dilly Stew

Went grocery shopping this morning, although none of this stuff actually made it into what I cooked today.

Oh, wait, the beans did. Trader Joe's run: crackers, lite coconut milk, canned Northern beans, baby spinach, 2 CLIF bars, a Pure bar, tempeh, raw cashew pieces, roasted garlic hummus, dried black mission figs.
I biked to TJ's, which is cool because it's wayyy faster than the train, plus I get exercise, but also I can't overbuy! Only what fits in my backpack.
So okay, with the beans, I made the Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings from Isa Does It. Here is her photo.

Haha, and here is mine:

Hahaha, I'm sorry. That was too disgusting looking not to post. Guess I should give up my hopes of becoming a food stylist. Luckily it tasted very good. Even more luckily, the recipe is online for you here.

Ladled out. Awesome comfort food for these cooler days, and nice and hearty for dinners for the week. Though it doesn't seem like the easiest thing to reheat. We'll find out.
Ate on the fire escape while spying on the neighbor's cat.

I tried to get Haxan to come out and join me but she wouldn't. I just want them to be friends!!! Cat friends.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beans n' Stuff

Not much cooking going on over here lately. A big pot of beans was the theme for the week.

Probably the last of the farmer's market tomatoes for me. Got a big bag for 2 dollars. Here with broccoli, white beans, olive oil, s+p.

                                       spinach, white beans, pumpkin, treeline nut cheese

a really pretty yellow and red farmar tomato, spinach, white beans, tahini and ACV dressing.

                                             Avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, scallion

Stirfry. Still trying to use up a huge head of cabbage. Carrot, rice, cabbage, mushroom, scallion, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, soy sauce.

                   a breakfast: coconut vanilla yogurt with cashew butter and goji berries.

a dinner: miso soup with spinach, mushroom, scallion, tofu, spices, seaweed and sesame oil

                                 some cool graffiti on a movie poster featuring, guess what

I went to a hear Dorothea Lasky read from her new book of poetry last week. I love her stuff and this book is maybe my favorite of hers. She is super super sweet and signed it for me. Orange is a recurring color/theme in the book, so it seemed appropriate to drink it alongside a Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer.
Til next time.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Season's Greetings

Hellooooo. Happy Fall. It definitely is beginning to feel like it's here and I love it.

First pumpkin I've eaten this season! I held off. For breakfast: oats, pumpkin, maca powder, cashew butter, cinnamon and raisins. With feminist coffee.

Two lunches I've had lately:

                                                 rice, spinach, tomato, mushrooms

                              From Paradis: tahini chickpeas with roasted Brussels sprouts

Greg had a book release party at Book Thug Nation (if you guys are familiar with Aaron Cometbus, !! he co-owns the place) and I and two other people also read. THAT WAS A STRESSFUL NIGHT but, ya know what, I did it and I read my poetry again a few days after that and it was less stressful. Anyway, Pam and Ed kindly gave me this chocolate bar after the reading. Mast Brothers make suuuper fancy chocolate and their store is across the street from Book Thug.
I have been not so great about cooking or eating lately but I hope to remedy that today. Until I have some food to show you, here's a rainbow I woke up to this morning.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 20: Farmer's Market, Quantum Leap

Heyyy Happy Final Day of MoFo, guys! We did it. It was a TOUGH month, but here we are.
Monday afternoon I met up with my dear friend Patrick, who is one of the craftiest, smartest, funniest dudes I know. We see each other so rarely now - he's a teacher, but he finally let me harass him into getting a meal together.
I had to go into the city to copy up some zines n' stuff, and I milled around the Union Square farmer's market waiting for him to get outta work.

                                         Here is a dude with a sign: All Animals are Equal

                                                                  Fairytale eggplants

                                                                     Husk cherries!

Edamame. I had never seen these at the market before, and I've definitely never seen them in bunches on the vine like that!

                                                                      Young ginger
I started walking down towards Quantum Leap, which is where we were meeting to eat, and passed Grace Church on the way. It's a calming oasis in the city, and I need all the calming down I can get these days.

Then I saw that baby boy with his bleached blond crew cut and I knew it had been toooooo long. Missed that dude. We both got a beer with the meal, cuz that's how we do.

I got a burger with a salad and fries. Ate half and took the rest home. Not bad for 10 bucks. Patty got a buffalo (vegetarian) chickun wrap. On the way back to the train we stopped into Peanut Butter & Co, which is where we met when we worked together, like, 8 years ago. Those crazy days.
THANK YOU FOR HANGING OUT WITH ME, ALL MY FRIENDS ALL MONTH LONG. You guys mean so much to me. Let's not let this end, xoxo.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014: Behind the MoFo

Like I said, I've been busy. Work was part of that, as I had a huge order to fill and process:

What's one more pile, anyway?
Luckily there were leftovers from the dinner party, so I didn't have to think too much about meals:

                                                           Pasta salad with greens

                                                                       more borscht

                                        Spinach, lentils, zucchini, tomato, cashew cheese

It got hot again for, like, two days, so there was a breakfast smoothie. This was spinach, frozen banana, lemon, protein powder, and soy milk.

                                                                  Cat burrito, do not eat.

                                   Quick breakfast: toast with Earth Balance and fig jam.